For six years I worked as a full-time journalist specialising in fashion, beauty, arts and film. Working as a backstage reporter at London Fashion Week inspired me to take the leap and pursue a more β€˜hands on’ creative role, and in 2015 I retrained in makeup artistry for film and fashion at the London College of Fashion and the London Hair Academy. Over the past two years, I have worked on myriad film productions, adverts, fashion shoots and music videos. Many of these required me to use specific SFX techniques, such as fake tattoos, fake hair, bruising, body painting, wounds, sweat and ageing. Creating a character through makeup and hair design demands a high degree of analytical ability, which I feel my BA Hons in English Literature and career in journalism have refined. Keeping abreast of the latest beauty innovations was already a part of my role as a journalist, the difference being that I now have the opportunity to apply these techniques rather than simply writing about them. What did the poet John Keats once say? "Nothing ever becomes real till it
is experienced."