Steven Klein / by Georgina Yates

“I like what’s obscure.”


Steven klein
“During his youth, Klein felt haunted by a sense that he didn’t fit in. He took solace in the works of Picasso and Helmut Newton”
The man who shapes fame”
A lot of fashion photographers are very good with women but don’t seem to create the fantasy as well with men. Actually, I think Steven is much better with men than women. There is a very violent and sexual undertone.
— Susan Bright, Curator

Justin Timberlake Arena+ Homme 2001

The Beckhams W Magazine 2007. The same year, Beckham signed a five year contract with US soccer team LA Galaxy.

Klein was the was the first person to take photos which sexualised Beckham. And, to some people’s eyes, homosexualised him
— Tony Chambers Editor, Wallpaper Magazine
He has the power to remake people’s reputations. Those photographs of Beckham made him a fashion face and gave him a cultural significance outside of football for the first time.
— Murray Healy Managing Editor Arena Homme+

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: "Domestic Bliss" W Magazine July 2005. Jennifer Aniston filed for divorce in October that year.

He understands that celebrity is a mask you put on. And he strips it away.
— Susan Bright, Curator

The many faces of Brad Pitt Interview Magazine 2012

Madonna: Madonna Unbound W Magazine 2003

Madonna: Future Lovers W Magazine 2006. Also the name of a track on 2005 release Confessions On A Dance Floor, for which Klein took the album cover shot. 

Lady Gaga Alejandro Video 2010

She likes epics. It fits her personality. We combined dance, narrative and attributes of surrealism.
— Steven Klein

Steven Klein's Editorial Early from 2004 - 2015